Villa Collina Renewed: A study in luxury, a labor of love

Editor’s Note: “Villa Collina Renewed” is a 15-part blog series detailing owner Dr. Eric W. Barton’s work to restore the largest home in Tennessee to its original Italianate beauty. Each week we discussed renovation projects across the 40,250-square-foot waterfront mansion, from geothermal upgrades and energy efficiency to state-of-the-art lighting, marble renovations and fountain upgrades. We hope you enjoyed this detailed research on the jewel that is Villa Collina.

Throughout this Villa Collina Renewed series, it became apparent that homeowner Dr. Eric W. Barton attended to every detail during renovations to update the home and make it both a showcase for the community and an oasis of luxurious comfort and style.

With extensive interior and exterior renovations including windows, lighting, marble, HVAC systems, security, wine cellar, fountains, pools, apartments, library, audio, video and more, the home now has cutting-edge technology and is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, secure and accommodating to residents and guests alike.

Through extensive research and interviews with previous homeowners, builders, craftsmen, contractors and designers, the updates stayed true to the original intentions and design, while modernizing and tailoring Villa Collina to the personal tastes and needs of the new homeowner.

As new projects get underway, we’ll be sure to post updates. We’ll also keep you in the loop about events at the home, as well as other ways that the community can experience Villa Collina.

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